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The Mercy House – Inversions lyrics

You shut your eyes and find your black dog sitting
It's shadow will not pass
You have to close your mind and just walk the path

You need to find your own direction
Life only rests within your hands
So don't be scared to follow through and see where the story ends

You won't find the answers
They're too deep inscribed
Deep within the maze, that is your mind

It's like a crossroads in your life
Tell me on which route you do belong
You can't block the fear and all the strife
No one knows... If you're going wrong

Your life becomes an amalgamation,
Of different thoughts pulling hard,
They'll cause you conflict plant a minefield in your heart

You dare not tread where you truly desire,
The choice is slipping through your hands,
You want to run, hide your head, see this nightmare end

You won't find the answers
They're too deep inscribed,
Deep within the maze, that twists your mind

No one knows, if you are wrong
No one knows where we're going

... Or where we run...

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