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The Mad Conductor – Venom lyrics

Few are iller than this koopa killa fluid spilla
Manager frigid call me lou pinella super chilla
Never the luger filla
I am way too intelligent to mess around with stupid clowns and goofy dealers
I move a pillar call me kelly leak you're hella weak
My mellow beats will not be spoken over by a yellow beak
Birdbrained pigeon in my kitchen not even a smidgeon it's against my religion, son
I'm schooled and I'm proper rude boy rocka kick a white coller emcee out his dockers
And I'm the freshest that they got so forget it
Before you catch a corn cob cleat to your lettuce
Cool em off with the brain freeze speeches
I'll eat your features like peaches and plain cheese pizzas with the frostbite
Clutch it with the claw might
Dislocate your planet from it's orbit and position
While I'll be getting funky on the mic while the universe expands
Sunburnt son, never none sun tanned
I got a hand full of wishes
I don't look at full sinks I wash dishes

Skeletor rams head greenhouse effect will leave your plants dead
Battle cat mice trap polarized heat will melt your ice cap
In this world that we're living in held together by gravity
We are limited to what we hear smell or see touch or taste
With my senses erased I can open up my face and contemplate space

Pass the venom
This kid has it in him
Every time I have a spasm there's an earthquake with rhythm
Steady state theory everything has always been here
Better shave daily if you want to keep your chin clear
Mine's grizzly cuz I hate using barbasol
The dean's dizzy like a saint louis cardinal
Life can be a veritable smorgasborg
Plus I'm t double e
Double are, double e
Double f, triple I, and triple c, to say the least

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