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The Icarus Ambition – Time Goes To Waste lyrics

I'll start this off by finding all the words to say
And I'm running far
Because this place has nothing left for me
(One, two, three, four)
You let me go
Now I don't know
What I should say
'Cause you're moving on
To better things
When I just waste away
No. I've spent a long time finding hope
And time's running very slow
But I always keep in mind the fact that I am not alone
(Hey, hey)
Don't forgive them when it's better to forget
(Hey, hey)
Just be careful what you say
Well, you're on your own
And I don't know if I can stay
When the weeks have gone all to waste
We're down to days
Why don't you just trust me?
I would let you know if all of this was bothering me
And yet I tear myself open
Things aren't the way they seem to be
You're changing right in front of me
So no
Don't forgive them when it's better to forget
But just be careful what you say
Don't you pull me out (x12)
'Cause I have nothing left to lose
I feel so broken and so used
So let the years go by as I sit in silence
I'm running away
I can't take this anymore
I'm running away
'Cause this place has nothing left for me

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