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The Holdup – Wake Up lyrics

Cause I'm feeling so damn tired
And it's so early in the mourn'n
Baby come wake me up
Because you know my window's open
I could pour myself some coffee
Bout when I get out of bed
Baby I'll just pack a bowl
And go back to sleep instead
I said there's sunshine through my window
And you know it's Sunday Morning
I got school tomorrow
And today is gonna be boring
Roll myself a noker
I'll set up and I'll get dressed
Put on a pair of pants
And lay back down and take a rest

(Chorus repeats x2)
Come on and wake up (Background) wake up
It's Sunday mornin
Whatcha gonna do?
Gonna sleep till Monday Mornin

Goto sleep on Sunday morning
Don't wake up next day till 4
Instead you thinking about
What went on the night before
I've got these numbers on my hand
This dirt inside my bed
I start off feeling good
But now there's aching in my head
Got a shitty atittude
But I still keep moving on
It's Sunday morning blues

But now my headaches gone
And in the summertime we gotta
Sleepin in till 2
Thaght it for a minute
No I ain't got no school

(Chorus Repeats 2x)
Come on and wake up (Background) wake up
It's Sunday mournin
Whatcha gonna do?
Gonna sleep till Monday mornin

Got my baby wake me up
And give me memories to keep
But in the mornin I'd just rather
Be in home in bed asleep
So come on see me honey
You can visit me inside my dreams
If you want to we can make
It better than reality
I picture you without a shirt without your pants
On top of me
And baby you know that it hurts
To wake up from these dirty dreams
Had a feelin it was dawn
And it was gone
It was just a dream but
It's so hard to move on

(Chorus Repeats 4x)
Come on and wake up (Background) wake up
It's Sunday mornin
Whatcha gonna do?
Gonna sleep to Monday mornin

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