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The Futhamuckas – Dance With You lyrics

Yeah, Oh yeah
I wanna dance with you(dance, dance, dance)
I'd like to dance with you

Grab me by my hand(hand)
Put it on your pants(then)
Lead me to the floor
Count it off 1, 2, 3, 4
I wanna dance with you
I'd like to dance with you

Uno, Dos, Tres(tres)
Cuatro, Cinco, Siete
Excuse me if I am not so fluent
All I'm doing is tryin' to dance with you
I really wanna dance with you (Girl, Girl)

Dance with you(x8)
I'm really trying to

Well dressed no I doubt it
But it's not 'bout my outfit
I don't care how I look in these suspenders
I just wanted to dance with you
Oh I'd like to dance with you(Yeah)

Oh your skin so soft babe
I like kissing your face
You say you like when I like my lips
So can I come over and dance with you
Oh I wanna dance with you
Oh yes I do

One, two, three, four, five steps
Snap your fingers right, left
Slowly lift that up t-that baby tee and
S-show that belly ring for me
Oh that belly ring for Me-E-E

Walk you to your homeroom
Wait for the clock to go noon
So in them jacket Come and say Uh-Uh
Can I go to the dance with you(Whatcha Think)
May I attend the dance with you(Ou, Ou, Ou)

Dance with you(x8)
I'm really trying to

Uh na na na na(Hey)
Uh na na na na (x4)

I ain't got no money
But baby I'm funny
I can make you rich with laughter everyday
So can I have this dance with you(That's all I got to offer)
Oh can I have this dance with you(Baby I am love borne)

Excuse me They call me 2 Z
I am just a regular guy
Ain't got no game but I am fly
I ain't got no jewelry on
Just kinda get my boogie on
Why you givin' me this dance
And close in on this stance
Just as important as no one you slept with last

Yeah I am Baga from the bean
On the floor I'm such a machine
I am every girls Futhamuckas dream
Close the door I will show you what I mean
I am not tryin' to spit some punch line
It's like dancing in the lunch line
At lunch time waiting for your crush to come by

Dance with you(x8)
I'm really trying to

I just wanna dance
Dance all night with you
Dance all night with you

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