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The Ernies – Kickin' It Live lyrics

Jump, jump up and get down while we're kickin' it live, mad shout outs to all of you, who made it possible like you and your crew but every now and then, I can hear the voices of those of you who think our choices are wrong, you're feelin' like you don't at the show, can't understand the way things swing, you know, wase your mind and there is no need to worry, 'cause like The Ernies, I know that you're kickin it live!!
If I could show you just what goes through my head...
Things change, that's how it is can you deal, with things that you know are real, I'm always movin, changin, and rearranging, I'm sick and tired of those who try containin me don't you see I'm in a state of flux don't you know, it's got nothin to do with luck, but if you wanna know what's up with us, we're still a bunch of rude boys, causin a fuss while we're kickin it live!
If I could show you just what goes through my head...
There were a couple of girls who used to come to the shows back when we used to jam every Wednesday at the Zone they were skankin to the beat, I'm like "Hey, I like your shirt" to the one who was up in my shit I guess she was tryin to flirt she said "yo, you're like the bosstones" I said "Hey, what's up with that?" we've got our own thing going and we know it's where it's at, now every time I see 'em they're talking about we're wannabe's, but they're the ones that are payin whether they're wack when they come or what, see.....we're kickin it live!
If I could show you just what goes through my head....

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