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The Empire Shall Fall – Choir Of Angels lyrics

On that September morning all that we see; a terrorist attack against our liberty.
Mournful morning gripped in tears, as the media exploits and feeds our fears.
Dig deep, we see the contradictions raising questions to this day unanswered.
They designed the silence of our dissent; create an enemy for us to hate instead.

Lies and there's no where to hide.
The truth, it will rise in time.
The people will see the deception that covers our eyes.

Is this the catalyst of our decline?
Do we allow the memories of those who died to live unjustified?
In their honor let's break down this facade of lies.

Now, we are loosing our rights as they infiltrate our lives.
A make shift patriot act to dismantle the constitution.

No more blind acceptance.
No more excuses.
No more human oppression.
No more lies.

Now, those of us that take offense to those who question this I ask,
"How can you stand by and swallow the cover ups, the lies that took thousands of lives?"
It's your right.
In fact, it's your duty to question the authority.
Fight for the truth.
Fight for our lives.

Fire in the sky.
Almost 3000 died on that mournful September morning.
All those who lied to cover up their plight betrayed us on September morning.

As the ashes cleared, we saw the images of a city in ruins; countless people displaced and broken.
Where hope once stood, was fear and hysteria.
Underneath all the rubble, even after all these years, the pain of the truth awaiting to be revealed.
Concealed by these I dub:


Count the cost of your lust for power.
Liberty and justice means nothing at the cost of innocent blood.
As we watch our brothers die, our sisters die.
And to this day, covered in lies.
In memory of those who died, tear down the lies and from the ashes the truth will rise.

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