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The Degenerates – It's The Law lyrics

In love with every imperfection
Enamored by the conversation
Please, I've got a notebook filled with answers
To questions that would bring you to your knees
Accelerating down I-90, the window's down
And the heat is on full blast
My deck is broken, so I can't hear you
She's lost out there in the am frequencies

And if it wasn't ever mean to be
I guess you never really know with me

It's just too bad
Doing it for the future, this time for real
Try keeping your spirits high
Down goes the pill, dilate your eyes
And tell me when your bloodstream's right
Make sure you know it's real

Cause it's all your fault

It's the story of a lonely girl
Who cried her fucking eyes out all the time
And she tried her best not to turn her back on the world
But her back has turned, and so have I
Into a stoic-state blackout frame of mind
And I don't care that you're not okay

It's too late to lie
Just to keep that someone by your side

The anchor's coming back on board
And in a few short weeks we'll be back to shore
And I can't regret trying to forget all the wrong
It's a long way back to complaistancy
It's been years since I've been able to breathe
You're testing my patience
Pushing, pulling, to dragging me down again

It's too late to lie
I'll be the chemical that clouds your mind

So buckle your seatbelts, we're going on a guilt trip
I never told you that I didn't need this
It's all my fault I'm burning out
That's when she said it's just a setback of 5 years
I bet you didn't know that
It's all your fault you're crashing down

All your fault

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