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The Crucified – Unity lyrics

Running fast
But running blind
Idle time in a wasting scene
Though you've looked
You've never found
Peace amongst you, unity
For simple reasons you divide
You look without the eyes to see
You lack the bond to truly bind
Jesus Christ, the king of kings

So many speeches - empty words
Show me...
Of what you speak, what you dream
I've got substance, you've got nothing
Show me
Something better than my God (you can't!)
Show me unity

Punks and skins, fighting each other
Brother cultures fighting on and on
Step into the lgiht of forgiveness
And then by God stand and be strong
If you see a cancer, cut it out quickly
Separate the wheat from the chalf
Do not hesitate, if you'd only ask he'd show you the way
You'd see the possibility of peace to be made

Fight! This is your chance
Fight! You've got the gift, use it!
Change! You know it's true
Strength! It's there, take it!
Now! It's there for you.

Stop living in a dream world
Of peace, love, and harmony (anarchy?...)
Where everybody just decides
To finally get along
It's plain, it's simple, you've tried
Everything else
God is the answer to become as one

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