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The Crinn – Red Lips Tell Bloody Secrets lyrics

It's cold outside...
And red lips are falling from the sky
You say 'I do' I say 'never say die'
It's raining long legs, and lingerie
I caught a cold from the all of the lies.

Emotion is nothing but commotion in your tea party of un-affection.
Kisses of death, there's blood on our hands. Red lips are telling bloody secrets.
Our lips are dripping with blood.
We cut the tongues from our mouths and tied them on poles.
We wave them like flags as a sign that we surrender our hopes.
Disposable language is nothing more than a typical scapegoat.
For me and you were too blind to see the lies

I talk without words; I walk without step.
My forced communication mutates into an ugly form of regret.
Just as you were walking away
I was painting a mental picture that I soon plan to break.
We can't forget to feed my pet scapegoat...

Yeah, I saw it coming from a thousand miles away.
Does that mean that it wasn't worth it? Well, it wasn't worth it today.
Its cold outside and even colder inside my mind.
I guess your blood went cold, when the love died.
You're a killer. But still I wanna say thanks for the ride.

I crossed my fingers and stitched them together
I thought I could keep my pet scapegoat forever and ever

We walk 20 paces and then we both turn,
Rip our fake guns from skin holsters and start shooting
Each other with bullets made of words.
The only thing that really hurts are the sticks and stones
When you're using our corpses as scarecrows, please remember to tell our families to pick up what's left of our clothes and bones.

Not all talk is cheap just out talk is cheap; our conversation about love would be placed in the free pile at a garage sale. Because love ain't a religion. Our love was science fiction.
There's no such thing as something that never happened.

"Corresponding shapes," Sang the owl with the crooked face.
Because love ain't a religion!
Our love was science ficiton!

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