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The Bone Fags – Gonna Do This When I Die lyrics

If I keep doing this until the end of time then I'll feel good even when I die.
I'll try not to lust and I'll try not to lie and I'll feel good even when I die.
I'll rattle my body and I'll shake it around
And I'm gonna do it 'till my knees go out.
I jump up and down and I twist and I shout.
And I'm gonna sing when I hear that sound.
I take one step and I leave one behind.
There's no tellin' what you or I may find
If we keep on searchin' and forget about the time.
Then we'll all stand together in a neverending line
With the smiles of laughter and the smiles with tears.
It's okay 'cause we all have fears.
We'll just keep on rhymin' and grindin' those gears
And when our moment comes we'll remember these years.
And I'll feel good even when I die
'Cause I know that I was livin' with pride.
And I'll feel good even when I die
'Cause ya know that I was livin' it with pride.
[Another verse comin' at ya! ]
I wake up today and I step outside.
There's surprises I hide and surprises I find.
I never stop lookin' but I never look behind
'And the direction I go is the way of the mind.
'Cause my mind is turnin' and it never stops learning.
Begins where it ends but it's never returning.
And the words that I'm singing always make their own meaning
And you can't believe what it is that you're reading.
The book of our life it doesn't start or end.
The chapters flow but they never begin.
The pages break but you still got a pen
So just keep on writing it again and again
And I'll feel good even when I die.
'Cause ya know that I am living with pride.
And I'll feel good even when I die,
'Cause ya know that I was living it with pride.

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