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The Arrows – In The Words (of Satan) lyrics

I've been here since the beginning
Know exactly how you work
I know all of your cravings
Know what makes you go berserk
Been lying from the start just to make you play a part in my infinite rebellion against the Father God

Everything he is
And I make you hate him too
Make you hate him with your actions it's so easy for me to do
'Cause you like it...
Sin feels good for the ego...
You love it...
Oh, come on baby let your hair go

And all the time, I'm winding you up
Like my perfect little puppet, you're my favorite robot, welcome to the show but I'm watching you and all of hell is with me too, helping me make my lies look true

Oh and there is a lie that works for everyone, everyone
A lie that opens your hearts so I can get me some more of your free will
I'm winding you
Winding you
Give me the control that's why I'm telling you
Selling you
Appealing to your human way of being and I use it all against you to just keep your eyes from seeing past the life you're living
Past the moment you're in
Past the pleasure of your sin

Or the cigarette you're smoking
Choking on your lust
I'll make you drunk with pride
So deeply spun into my system that you won't see the light
Never mind that I'm drowning you
I keep deceiving you...

'Cuz I don't tell you
'Bout the God in heaven
Who loves you
Who yearns for you
No I don't tell you
'Bout the freedom of forgiveness and truth
Why would I tell you?
Why would I tell you the truth?

But I'll say that millions of years ago an accident exploded
And you're the result of this cosmic unknown with no real purpose
Created for no real intent
The reason for your living is just coincidence
So all the remains is what you can gain
Whatever meaning you attach to your days you decide
Mmm, but I help you recognize important things in life
Introducing money, it's the root of all evil they say so
I attach yourself worth to the salary you're paid, be a slave to your property
Your jewelry
Your cars and things
Advertise that lie up on the tv so you'll want that bling
Selling bit by bit the little pieces of your soul
Climbing up the ladder of economic control
Oh, the greed of man makes it so easy to pervert the Father's plan

Or I'll tell you...
There is a heaven but there's many ways to get in
Keep you so confused that you stay bound to your sin
Tell you there are many ways to the same God
Keep you distracted with your methods so your heart stays hard,
I'll make you think you've got spirituality, but it's really just emotional alchemy
Oh, the vanity of self-idoltary I never let you see that it breeds
Hedonism! Whoo!
And it's the anthem of this generation
Come on, drink it, snort it, smoke it, swallow it
Chew on my illusion of freedom till you vomit it

And still I don't tell you
'Bout the God in heaven
Who loves you
Who yearns for you
No I don't tell you
'Bout the freedom of forgiveness and truth
Why would I tell you?
Why would I tell you the truth?

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In The Words (of Satan) meanings

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    The truth can only hurt for as long as you deny it. Jesus christ is the only way. Pray to him to open your eyes and mind and heart and beg him to confront you with his absolute truth and his mighty presence.
    Everyone falls short of god's law. Jesus is fully man, fully god, fully perfect. He died without sin for our transgressions. He rose three days later and defeated sin as prophesied. The birth of jesus christ was prophesied 4000 years prior by moses. There are hundreds of prophecy from multiple authors spanning thousands of years and various continents pointing to the coming christos; the saviour trust in him. Turn from your sin and live your life for god almighty. Humble yourself before the lord.
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    Endtime is here with all the signs as foretold by jesus christ son of the living god. O man ye are inexcusable of the word of jehovah. Satan is determined to make you land in hell to perish in eternity with himself and all of his demons and false prophets and he is ferociously hunting down the lifes of men as roaring lion going to and fro. To be forwarned is to be.
    Forarmed. Repent now later may be too late.
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