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The Arcanum Effect – Odyssey lyrics

So here I am empty handed and heavy hearted
My life's work is over and I have nothing to show for
Dethroned, I once stood at the top of the world
Now I'm forced to tread amongst the common man
The very thing that once raised me to the heavens
Has now brought me down to the depths of hell
But I will crawl my way out of this whole
And search for God's forgiveness
For I have nothing left
Betrayed, the story repeats itself and with a kiss you turn me in
With a kiss you let go me go
With a kiss you mark the end
But love has no place for selfishness
Now we are separated by an ocean between us
And with each mile I fear you'll forget me
But in turn it seems I've forgotten you
I'm starting all over or so I thought
My heart had found a beat once again
I must admit I'm terrified but in her arms I found comfort
Her skin on mine and each dose was ecstasy
And I've grown attached to the taste of her tongue
I had a feeling this was more than just lust
But I was quickly proven wrong
Steady beats and heavy breathing
She whispered in my ear "just do what feels right"
This is more than what it seems
I am more than I thought I could be
You can take me for what I am
Or leave me for what I'm not
But I will always end up deceived
Go throw yourself at him
I don't care anymore
Through this struggle I have found my strength
So let me repay you
You have awaken the destroyer in me
This is what I've become
His face won't escape my hate
Pummeling, every strike will bring me pleasure
And feed the monster within me
Oh revenge will be so sweet
When his face lies beneath my feet
I swear to you that day will come

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