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The Amazing World Of Gumball – Make The Most Of It lyrics

Both: We enjoy it while we can
We enjoy it while we're kids
We enjoy it while there's still time
To make the most of it

Gumball: We go around the block and we loiter by the
Both: mall
Gumball: The people think we're thugs, so they give the cops a
Both: call
Larry: Police
Gumball: But we can get away with it 'cuz it's a
Both: public space
Gumball: Turns out we weren't loitering,
Both: just standing in one place
Gumball: I don't wear a suit or a
Both: stupid tie!
Gumball: I dress with my eyes closed and
Both: I still look fly!
Louie: (spoken) It looks like you got a leg transplant from a wiener dog.
Gumball: (spoken) Yeah well you- *groans*
And when I don't have a comeback I can always cry

Both: We enjoy it while we can
We enjoy it while we're kids
We enjoy it while there's still time
To make the most of it

Gumball: I'm allowed to eat candy, it's okay to be chubby
It's called baby fat, that's how my momma likes me
I don't need to worry about the calories I ate
'Cuz I'm just a kid with a crazy metabolic rate

(turns skinny) (spoken) Too far
Darwin: Don't you ever worry about the cavities in your teeth?
Gumball: Who cares if these fall out, I've got new ones underneath!
Darwin: I'm getting tonnes of loot, 'cuz I look so cute
Where are these presents from? It just doesn't compute
Gumball: We don't have to worry about makin' ends meet
We just throw things in the buggy that we like to eat
'Cuz when you're still a kid, everything is magic
You don't know it yet
Both: Life can get pretty tragic

Both: We enjoy it while we can
We enjoy it while we're kids
We enjoy it while there's still time
To make the most of it

: We don't have to worry, 'cuz we don't have jobs
We can sit around all day and hang out just like slobs
Both:We don't freak out about resumes or skills
'Cuz we don't have either, we got no bills
We got all the time that we wanna kill
Newspaper Employee: (spoken) What time is it?
Both: It's time to chill!

Red Construction Man: (spoken) What do you think you're doing?
Gumball: (spoken) Just enjoying not having a job.
Red Construction Man: (spoken) Well, you can't stay here!
Gumball: (spoken) Why? Does the sight of freedom hurt your adult feelings?
Red Construction Man: (spoken) No, kid! You're gonna have to move, because-
A truck horn blares, along with a crash.

Gumball: When you're still a kid, being sick is cool
Mom gives you hugs, and you don't have to go to school
Stay at home, watch TV, all day slackin' off
If someone checks on you, just give them a little cough
Richard: (spoken) Are you alright?
Gumball coughs.
Richard: (spoken) Aww!
Richard hugs Gumball, as he gives a demonic glare at the viewer.
Gumball: It's not my fault if I behave like a dummy
I do a lot of stupid things, 'cos I find it funny
Both: We don't need an excuse, 'cuz we've got imagination
We're using it right now to escape the situation

Both: Because when you're a kid, you dream of many things
Like being a Ninja Dentist, or a Wizard Cop with wings
We could fight a shark-bear-gator with a sword made of swords!
Be the best at everything and win awesomeness awards
See an underwater castle with a seahorse made of crystal
Saving mermaids from sharkpeople using golden laser pistols
Plunder the universe in our pirate spaceship
Go back in time to teach cavemen how to kick-flip
Don't need to worry about our future plans for college
Super powers, robot arms, that's a substitute for knowledge
Gumball: It's okay for me to dream that I'm a cowboy from the west
Darwin: And for me to keep hopin' that there's still a chance to grow a (deep voice) chest!
Song stops for a moment. Gumball and Darwin both take a deep breath, and the song continues.

Both: We enjoy it while we (deep voice) can!
We enjoy it while we're (deep voice) kids!
We enjoy it while (deep voice) there's still time
To make the most of (deep voice) it!

Gumball: Come on. Let's try it again.

Both: (deep voice only) We enjoy it while we can
We enjoy it while we're kids
We enjoy it while there's still time
To make the most of it!

Song cannot been heard by Billy and Orange Woman.

Billy: (spoken) Mother, what are those two short men doing?
Orange Woman: (spoken) I believe they're pretending to still be young and cool, dear.

Gumball and Darwin's mouths both drop open in shock. Song ends.

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