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Thanatos – Sincere Chainsaw Salvation lyrics

A fire used to burn,
A fire deep inside
The need to be somebody,
The need to stand out
I gave up all my standards,
I gave up all my goals
I became a number,
Absorbed by the crowd

But now I feel the urge
To stand up like a man
I'll leave my mark on society,
Anyway I can
Slaughtering the innocent,
Butchering the old
Burying their rotting bones,
Feasting on their blood


Chainsaw amputation,
Scissors cut through nerves
Trendy eyeball piercings,
Scarification supreme
Genital dissection,
Broken glass stuffed in your holes
One worthless motherfucker
Left dismembered on the floor

Disturbing thoughts, cross my mind,
As I lay down on my bed
Frustrations of everyday-life,
Are boiling in my head

I feel the urge, I feel the need,
To go out and kill
Kill my problems, kill the world,
Kill! Kill! Kill!

[Repeat chorus]

[tremelo abuse: Stephan]

I tried to conform, to society's ways
But I just couldn't, I couldn't cope
With all corruption, with all the lies
So I gave up, I gave up all hope

[tremelo abuse: Paul]

Call me an outcast, call me a freak
I don't care, I don't give a fuck
When my chainsaw, rips your flesh
You will know, who's in control

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