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Thanatos – In Utter Darkness lyrics

As I dwell in utter darkness,
Where death's my only friend
As I emerge from the pits,
Where the rotting corpses dance

Blood, pus, slime and faeces,
Drip from all my holes
My lust for flesh is fulfilled,
As I tear your soul apart

The sound of, your spine,
Being broken by my hands
Makes me, so hard,
This erection, can't be ignored
Feel my, maggot-, infested c***,
Between your legs
I pull out, I c** blood,
In your dismembered face

I am the walking dead,
I live, to kill
No remorse, no regrets,
It's just my way, of killing time
I feast, on your flesh,
To make the pain, go away
The suffering, the intense suffering,
It tortures me, every day


Stare into my eyes,
And you will understand;
Fulci wrote no fiction;
The dead walk... Once again.

[Repeat 2nd verse]

[Repeat chorus]

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