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Testeagles – Rebel lyrics

Hey ya'll this is me ya askin'
I got see I'm burstin' braskin'
I'm everlasting dozin'
Rockin' on sistin'
Everlasting resting
On the layers
Well I'd sure like to lay ya'z
Now I can't resist it
The elastic accistic spastic
Now I am releasin'
All my fistin, lotion decent
I got attack (c'mon, c'mon)
I got a stack (Matt: in the back - D: on the back)
It's on the track
I got a whack that says alak chak chak
I made a dash for freedom
I fucked the rules off
I didn't need them
On the social scale
I'm a total fail
Well hey ya'll
Well if it's me ya askin'
I love to hear the groove
Where the music be blastin'
Out of ya speakers on ya stereos
With the fat ass bass which equals fat ass afro's
There's nothing better to get you wetter
Than the big bass groove
To make you move and sweater
This ain't no hype
This s***s the realist
You can't deny
Cos I'll not let you feel this
Come take a chance
I'll make you dance
With a b-boy style
In a buffallo stance
By the groove that te's provide
Sometimes you fail but at least you've tried
Can't be denied for the efforts that you make
Go for yours go get it
Don't hesitate
I got attack (c'mon, c'mon)
I got attack (on the back)
I got a heart attack
On the lasting (c'mon)
C'mon blasting
Meeeow (yeah, yeah)
I got a system that can deeeow
I gotta make it thirstin'
Yes it's true
I have tried to recreate
All my feelings inside
I want to enjoy again
What I felt then
But could never get
By without a little help
From my friends
I get high
But it's a natural high
Yeah I won't deny
That I feel fly hanging with the guys
And the girls
In my own little piece of the world
Just like little party misfits
I'm a social disaster
When I kick it inebriates a state of mind
I think you'll find I act the fool over you girl
cause nobody makes me feel the way that you do

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