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Terry MacAlmon – There Is No One Else Like You (You Deserve The Glory) lyrics

You deserve the glory
And the honor
Lord, we lift our hands in worship
As we lift your Holy name (Repeat)

For You are great
You do miracles so great
There is no one else like You
There is no one else like You (repeat)

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Submitted byVetal
Corrected byJundyBhing

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There Is No One Else Like You (You Deserve The Glory) meanings

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    This is the believers praise sung to the one true god, jehovah god, who sits on the throne in glory! We praise you lord god for there is no god other than you! You are father of all! You are our all in all our situations of life! You alone have freed us and broken the chains that has kept us bound in sin! By the plan of salvation which you have completed by the blood of jesus on the cross of calvery, we are now the redeemed and you deserve the glory and the honor and we lift our hands in worship as we lift your holy name in all of the world! You are great!
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    This song was not written by macalmon but by a swedish missionary, eva-lena hellmark.
    It was composed about 1990, and published in several books in the following years. It was translated to english ((c) 1992) and other languages in the 90s, or perhaps earlier.
    It is a shame that often the wrong person gets the credit for it, and no recognition goes to the real composer of this song that has been such a good contribution to church life.
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    Your right I have never read that book like I have never read a bible what I know I have been told by jesus and god himself only a few of us have gifts to hear gods words and to speak with him like we speak to eachother I don't need to read a bible to bevlie in god I am a christian you can say what you want and I do not care but people will bevlie what they want not what is falsed apon them you are intitaled to your own apoinion like I am so leave it at that.
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    A very inspiring worship song that arouse our spirit. The greatness of our God does not only refers to the mirecles he has done but the greatest of them all is he has redeemed us from the bandits of sin that he offered his life as the greatest sacrifice , as precious ransom for our sins .It is God alone who deserves all the glory and honor for it is in him where life begins and in god alone that love never end. Glory to God.
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    When you relize and understand that it is jesus that sacrifrice for us so even the people that understand thethe meaning of church and life is that he gave us life to be here in the first place protecting us when we don't know him till he get a chance to reach us through a miracle and explain to you that he here to helpyou get through life upsets andproblems and when you go through stuff willget changed if that person truly reads and believe and love god and other people he willmake life better than what we ever try to hold on in our life to a better life somethings may be a sacrifrice to give up like sinful desires that we like to do but give it up for more promising goals and happines of life that money or another person or thing on earth that he can only give us I hope you understand if not ask a christain andthey will break it moredown for you.
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