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Temple Of Solace – Last Wish Defiled lyrics

Fucking you
With my hooked
Sword trapped in
My abattoir
Your screech is
One of thou
Sands more
Suffer Symphony

My best work
Extol the
State of my
Full assault
Of all life

Your flesh is now mine
Deprived of your trunk
Bubbling blood erupts
From your blowtorched throat

In horror you stare at this scene

Stare at this scene of destruction

With my blade, to engrave my initials on your ribcage
Murderous scribe, I cut your fate and your rage
Sadistic tradition of record keeping
Another corpse in the pit of rank decay

Carcasses emit
A vomitous stench
Arise from the pit
The desires you quench ya!

I am inspired to raise the dead
Disease fills the air with necromancy

The dead walk the earth
I am inspired to raise the dead
As this scented sickness reaches me
Possessed by insanity

You're fucked
Inner lust for the dead
Your still flesh becomes my
Personal cumdumpster
Embalmed with my semen

Your last wishes defiled
"But we bury our dead"

Oh no
Ruptured eardrums
From this necrotic skullfucking

Oh no
Ruptured eardrums
From this necrotic skullfucking


Oh no

Ruptured eardrums
From this necrotic skullfucking

Oh no
Ruptured eardrums
Necrotic skullfucking!

Bree bree bree bree bree bree ughhhh

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