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Television – See No Evil lyrics

What I want
I want now
And it's a whole lot more
Than 'anyhow'

I want to fly
Fly a fountain
I want to jumpjumpjump
Jump a mountain
Lunderstandall... Iseeno...
Destructiveurges... Iseeno...
Itseemssoperfect... Iseenoo...
I see... I see no... I see no evil
I get ideas
I get a notion
I want a nice little boat
Made out of ocean.
I get your point.
You're so sharp.
Getting good reactions
With your ''Bebo'' talk.
Don't say unconscious
No don't say doom.
If you got to say it
Let me leave this room
Cuz what I want
I want now
And it's a whole lot more
Than 'anyhow. '
I'm runnin wild with the one I love
I see no evil
I'm runnin wild with the one-eyed ones
I see no evil
Pull down the future with the one you love
Pull down the future

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