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Teeth – Prinsesa lyrics
Nakaupo s'ya sa isang madilim na sulok
Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa libu-libong babaeng nandoon
Wala pang isang minuto, nahulog na ang loob ko sa 'yo

Gusto ko sanang marinig ang tinig mo
Umasa na rin na sana'y mahawakan ko ang palad mo
Gusto ko sanang lumapit kung 'di lang sa lalaking kayakap mo

Dalhin mo ako sa iyong palasyo
Maglakad tayo sa hardin ng 'yong kaharian
Wala man akong pag-aari
Pangako kong habang-buhay kitang pagsisilbihan
O aking prinsesa
Prinsesa, prinsesa, prinsesa


'Di ako makatulog, naisip ko ang ningning ng 'yong mata
Nasa isip kita buong umaga, buong magdamag
Sana'y parati kang tanaw, o ang sakit isipin ito'y isang panaginip, panaginip lang

[Repeat chorus]

Ad lib

[Repeat chorus]

Prinsesa, prinsesa

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Prinsesa meanings

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    It will be a little difficult for me to convey the full message of the song as it gives an excerpt of what the composer is actually saying and an incomplete definition of the depth of what the beautiful things his heart is beating for that does then mean though the song is complete that what the enamoured gentleman is saying though encompassing as to stating what he may offer the the lady of his interest to consider her decision to let the suitor be the keeper of her heart until the end of time. The song is like an initial opening of boundaries as to what is a start of the waltz of courtship. The lyrics may be simple when translated directly form English to Filipino. But, I hope by giving the readers a brief background of the Filipino culture you may more or less grasp the emotion that beckons most probably if not all most of those who have been hit by cupid's arrow and fell in love at first sight. For this few whom I have heard testimonies of falling in love at first sight and then getting to exchange vows and living as one until every word the y have spoken as a covenant with each other is fulfilled has always most probably been a wishful thinking by everyman that have had encountered such experience. The lost tradition is called "HARANA" - to serenade the person of interest with a song. Which actually was the way to announce the intention of the suitor (who is the man) to the layoff his interest and was done usually at the time when everyone was usually sleeping or was preparing for sleep. So the "haranista" or the singer usually knew how to play an instrument or would have a friend or someone he knew that knows how to play an instrument usually a guitar or "gitara" as it is called in my native tongue. So, the song needs to be ,meaningful and the haranista should not "choke", which I have seen in the old tv shows that depict such a scenario that the suitors would either forget the lyrics, loose his cue or sing out of tune. Which then would a oft times the parents of the daughter being serenaded would show the disgust of the attempt of the one suitor by throwing or dumping dippers or pails of water that is poured or thrown without warning by the parents or guardians of the lady or the one being serenaded herself. Especially if she knows she is being serenaded and does not show herself from the window where usually her room is and the haranista persists. So, imagine the preparation and depth as to pour you heart out where the place or area where you are at is all quiet and when you start singing it doe not only alert the one being serenaded but those near her place. Some women and neighbours curious as to who is the haranista may either delight in what you do or even kale at a man's feeble attempts. So, I a man adhering to my culture feels the depth of what the lyricist of the song is saying.

    So, with that explained let me begin the the joyful venture of someone in love, as I recall to being in love once also and if in a time I could have sang her this again, cause there are days I recall as to how I looked at her when there very first time I saw her and made her the wife of my youth.

    The first stanza says that suitor saw her despite that she was sitting in a very dim corner of the palace and doesn't even know what anyhow the lady of interest has enamoured him or caught his attention out the thousands and thousands that gathered at that place, it did not even take a long time, and it was even less than a minute for her to really have him fall for her (love at first sight). He could not explain what he felt for her but he at this point was captivated by her beauty. Because of this he said he desired to hear the tone of her voice and also hoped that he could hold or feel the palms of her hand or even the touch of it. He desired it so much but the only thing that stopped him was the man the was holding in her arms like a sort of an embrace.

    Then in the chorus he mentions take me to your palace or castle and with you may we walk its gardens of your kingdom Though I may have nothing to offer you in terms of riches that she does not need anymore. But he gives his word of honour or promise that he is hers for him to serve all his life and then he repeats calling her MY PRINCESS, PRINCESS, PRINCESS. For me this was what I had said to the wife off my youth, I want to know you by allowing to go in your castle or palace. Like inside of us there is something that we hold dear or that which is our palace and in joy to know this. Like the lyricist said let me walk with you in the gardens of our kingdom and so that I may tend it and keep it for you as my way of allowing you to keep that which makes you happy. So, that when you see what I do I may then be someone that may be considered by my once forever and day the keeper of her the gardens of her kingdom. So, that which makes her happy will always be there and she may find the importance of the need for me to be there thus I may be there with her since I know , that I know, that I know for myself my love language is service and my happiness is making myself do things and serve people that make people happy.

    Then, like myself I find myself not to be in one of those love drunk sleepless nights and like the lyricist wrote because he remembers the twinkle or light in her eyes. He stated that I thought of you all morning and actually the whole time. Then he said I wish that you were always in sight of vision whenever I would look to see where you are there you would be because right now it has come to the point that it even hurts to think that my vision of the sight of you is just in a dream, just a dream or in his visions that are filled with contents of his memories of her (which when I read makes more sense since he said he had been awake the whole time thinking of the loving thoughts her)- "o and sakit isipin sang panaginip lang, panaginip lang". Then, it has come to the point that a night that made him be drunk in wanting and desiring to love her, he got to the point that it is not even enough to even just see her in his sight that is just in a dream where most of whom I know get excited to be able to convey that to the person of interest. To say "Hey, you know I dreamed about you last night.

    I would like t say more but I leave it with this. I sing this song a t times and honestly it yields a tear or two sometimes. Not, of the hurt but of the days I remember ho you- just like in the lyrics of the song- how you enamoured me and captivated me and it was for me "Love at first site."- I could also proudly say I am the only man who could ever love you the way I have. By making the line to this cliche true "If you love them set them FREE."- That you may be happy to love whom you chose now to walk with you in yours or his garden. I never knew I would say this too you but way back then I had always feared the thought of it and now that actually because a prophecy and so here I say it

    "Do you know what it feels like to be in love with someone that is about to marry someone else?"- Quoted from Bicentennial Man

    But if this is a part of the gardens of your kingdom that bring you happiness. Then I have tended it well and have done my part and kept my promise and my covenant of giving you happiness, by setting you free an act that you said would prove my love for you to be unmatched by other. I never wanted to and at rare moments I still don't, but, now I have to for the sake of our four lovely children. Let them know that their father once served enjoy in the palace of of the gardens of your kingdom.

    "In the words of thence great Andrew Martin One is glad to be of service." -Galatea speaking to Andrew Martin -Quoted from Bicentennial Man

    My once princess, my once forever and a day, yes, you my one Pia, mince forever and a day, again ang napaglinkuran kong "princesa".
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