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Teddy Arnheiter – Love That Never Goes Bad lyrics

Heard A Story Just The Other Day
About A Poor Soul Who Had Lost His Way
He Was Feeling Down
In His Life He Was Losing Ground
His Lady Had Left Him And His Faith Did Too
Just Right Then I Thought Of Me And You
And I Started To Pray Knew What I Wanted To Say
Yeah I Know We Have
A Love That Never Goes Bad
Never Goes Bad
Sunday Mornin And The Sun Shines Through
Wake Up Darlin We're A Dream Come True
Lying Next To You
We're Gettin' Lucky Yeah It's Deja Vu
Livin' In Love As The Seasons Change
It's Not Always Easy Still Our Love Remains
Still Can't Get Enough When You Strut Your Stuff
Yeah I Know We Have
A Love That Never Goes Bad
Never Goes Bad
Night And Day I'm Always Gonna Stay Right Here With You
You're My Beautiful Song You Keep Me So Turned On
Under A Spell From Your Magic Wand
Yeah I Know We Have
A Love That Never Goes Bad
Never Goes Bad
Dryin' The Dishes Put The Kids To Bed
Out On The Porch Slow Dancin' Instead
Like Newlyweds Romeo And Juliet
Smile At Me With Your Eyes So Blue
Whisper Softly Somethin's Way Past Due
Yeah I Understand So I Take You By The Hand
Up The Stairs With A Kiss Or Two
On Our Knees With A Prayer To You
Lord You Have A Plan For This Woman And Her Humbled Man
And We're So Glad Yeah We're Oh So Glad
You Made A Love That Never Goes Bad
A Love That Never Goes Bad
Never Goes Bad

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