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Tec-9 – U-Throw-1 lyrics


You wanna floss with yo guns?

Nigga you show one I show one

You wanna have a lil' fun

You throw one I throw one

Automatic weapons spin in the midst of the night

Infra red bout to show me some light

Verse One: {Tec-9

Put yo guns down partner I got yo back

You show me where the drama at and I'm a go and handle that

Fa'real, I ready a show you how blocka block the spot with the glock

Leave the terrace up in the slot and rip the building's in the block

Well if I place the red dot that's where a nigga try'na hit ya and

If I place it up in your chest

better believe it's gonna split ya and stand on

Top of the situation obligated to get ya now ya learn

Then chopper bullets really be burnin' just comin' the

Top dog of the game bangin' body's I drop cock knot

I'm a get ya hot cock glock nigga in a knot

Strong as that hen on the rock

Hit ya flesh with lead you down with the best dog

Cuz none of my shots went straight for the head


Verse Two: {Tec-9

It's yella tapin' white chalk season

How many missin' you've been chosen for no special reason

Make a decision, get out the way bullets fly

Duck City on the set run take cover

I ain't to picky bout the body's I wet

I'm wanted in three states for murder under the capital law

One stabbin', one self defense, and a plain old slaughter

Order be hot to go to jail but I'm not

Order to be scared to show my face but I'm not

So I can take you to the spot where I first pulled the trigger

I knew I'll never be the same

I be loadin' and cockin' knockin' shit from a nigga brain

Down with ski masks and dark glasses

Nigga that's the way we do it

I handle my business pullin' the trigger ain't a

Damn thing to it attack a nigga when it comes down

To combat i don't want to be around that

Detach a nigga we think about failin'

I can't be havin' that I'm dealin' with the best of

Killers be ready to ride no eye witness left behind

Go and testify nigga be cut throat with each other no lie

Yo life in danger when it's time to ride you drive

So I can have the better angle

Killers be killers by model not thinkin'

Straight when I'm on the bottle

You throw one and I'm a throw one and

All my nigga gonna follow


Verse Three: {Tec-9

You wanna throw one

Roll up the gun and let me blow one

Five niggas packed tight in the back seat of my hoopty

Made the loop around my corner who's the first

To bust on these niggas empty the click cuz

We came to put the hurt on these niggas

Black attire when I'm creepin' on ya

Givin' you the slightest ideal that

Tec is bustin' on ya mysterious

Leavin' innoicent by-standers curious

Some be furious you know my nigga from

Uptown like to kidnap kids

Hold 'em for the ransom then they come with the end

Murder Murder I be one you love to have on your team

Nigga's shit you give me the right price and I'm a

Handle my biz it's not gonna take nothin'

For me to creep down and dump on these niggas

Wanna make sure the job's done right and use

The pump on these niggas

One time for all my dope fiends cramped up doin' bad

Bout's to hook up on they bitch ass

For the stash and the cash

Only my real niggas click tight and professional snipers

Love the situations, love the situations

I'm facin' nigga's steady keep on chasin' but them

Choppers be erasin'

You wanna throw one

Roll up the gun and let me blow one

Five niggas packed tight in the back seat of my hoopty

Made the loop around my corner who's the first

To bust on these niggas emepty the click cuz


Yeah nigga, you pull yo shit I'm a pull my shit

Automatic weapons baby

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