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Swingin Utters – Teenage Genocide lyrics

Well, you don't really know what you wanna do except to spend some time just being you but the game's unfair and the stakes are high what with the threat of being embalmed in formaldehyde
I don't wanna go before my time
I don't wanna go before my time
Well you've got good time to put down a few so you take carrer castanyer down to the gloob it's the only fuckin place that'll serve you a tiny hideaway from parents, work and school
It's just like teenage genocide
It's just like teenage genocide
Now you can cast your vote and elect a joke but you'd better not fuck, dream, drink or smoke and watch your back when the man offers you a ride because it's just like teenage genocide (Koski/Wickersham)

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    Its about not confirming to society.
    Its about being a "punk" in the eyes of a society that follows the routine of having a job, having kids, and making those kids go to the schools only to end up like their parents who play in the role of pawns in the game of life.
    And at the same time the rebel(s)/free thinkers don't have a clue about what to do with their time.
    They just do things that reflect on their personalities and whatever they can do.
    They're outcasts.
    And don't wanna succeed to be part of this society where there's no fun.
    And the last thing the rebel wants is to end up dead.
    And by dead.
    I mean they don't want to be mindless zombies wearing uniforms and all that s**t.
    Anyways that's just my opinion on the song.
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