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Swateezy – On The Low lyrics

Feat. Apollo

I usually like em red, but this yellow lookin right/
Shawty colder then ice, Creez mean body nice/
So I approach I come closer and I'm hopin she don't bite/
Eyes loccin but I'm focused on makin impressions right/
As soon as she in sight, I play it cool/
But she tell me I'm a fool cuz she seen me makin moves/
She say she know exactly what il do, hit her once the go ghost/
She told me not to waste my time and that I'm here doin the most/
I told her that she trippin she don't understand she different/
I won't turn to apparitions baby you don't see my visions/
It's a whole new position when I'm witcha/
Just let me paint the picture, like van go/
Imma show you where we can go/

[Apollo - Chorus]
I just wanna let you, know/
That I won't let you, go/
We can keep it on the low/
Ain't nobody gotta know, that/
We don't gotta show, that/
I won't let you go we can keep it on The low/
Ain't nobody gotta know
We can keep it on the low X2

From mental to mental, I can tell this feelin special/
From dimple to dimple, you keep on smilin when I kiss you/
But let's just take it slow, so we can make it last/
"Ain't nobody gotta know", we can keep them in the past/
Girl they irrelevant, they as messing wit/
What we got, cuz what we got is heaven sent/
But we don't gotta be flashy, il even deny if the ask me/
So we can keep it on the low, you can be my little secret/
If I'm with you I'm with you, if I'm alone I'm on some me shit/
Cuz deep down you the one I wanna be with/
Your heart is a secret girl I promise imma keep it/
Locked and loaded, the time is right baby the clock is golden/
This seed we sewin, is so potent/
It's got me doin thing I'd never do/
I look into the mirror and tell myself I found a better you/


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