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Swain Turay – The Paper Ft. Nate Hall lyrics

Nate Hall}
Money in the air till the sky turn green
She trying drop it low
I'm trying get in between
Got a Kango hat on
And a four finger ring
She a Erica type
A ebony queen
Met her at the skating rink
Rolling in mercedes
If there's more where that came from
She'll be my lady
Have my baby
Fuck the shit outta me
It's funny how money, changes the whole thing
Right now ain't got a thing
Just beats and rhymes
All the gold in videos
Make my ass blind
I flow de vine, and spit wealth untold
I posses currency in the bank of my soul
At the bottom of the scroll
God left a note
Said if you stay on your grind
The money will fold
Fall into place
Like religion to Mase
Shit gon' hard like fat kids on made
Or losers trying get laid
Fuck hoes quickly
Cuz if you stay long you get amore
Take a?
Turn it t
Fuck a lawyer fee
But I refuse a motherfucker
To let a bitch get to me
So I fuck quickly and I always bust em out
If you ain't like the bitch
Open your mouth
Have the shit come out
Told you I was a profit
Watch the wild come out
Watch the knives get brought
All avoidable if you just open your mouth
Or shut it for that matter
You lames bring laughter
You lames bring bad energy I don't wanna attract
No chats with ya
I can't snack with ya
Cuz I can't hang with niggas that act fag bra


{Swain Turay}
I remember mahn
Chillin in december mahn
Every time I kicked it
Me and you were together fam
Through the weather mahn
Down for whatever mahn
Every time you needed the paper
I got the cheddar Fast
Niggas was after Mary Jane
Trying get her fast
Headed for the stash
Slanging tree was my better half
I figured it out when I was only 14
Seeing more green
Than the motherfucking Lepercan
Or Con nigga
I conned niggas I kicked it with
I ain't proud of the past
But I aint trying live in it
I'm just trying get my dividends
And get my cash from the tree I was chippin' in
I provided for all these niggas that's smokin'
Went the extra mile just to keep these niggas rolling
Staying on my hustle
On my grind, just promoting the music
Trying produce it
On my own staying ruthless
Mahn the truth is
I'll probably shouldn't do it anyway
Cuz in the end, This shit won't give me any play
But while it last
Don't forget about the past
Just remember what I did for you and your crew when you couldn't gas


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