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Supremacy – Aeria Fail lyrics
What is this shit? The game is full of pricks
I go to the staff for help and look what I get
Usually it's a ban, sometimes a paste
Half of the time I want to just spit in their face
They don't know what they're doing, completely immature
They started what will be known as s4's massacre
Supremacy is here, we're gonna speak our mind
Disqualify us if that's what you like
Enough introduction, let's get into it
One very short scene to cause this bitch fit

Way of the warrior tournament's here
Got the gang ready; the 4 musketeers
Show up on the scene, revo intact
But some shit happened that made me step back
Our 4th player crashed? Get out of here
Supersonic tourney got 2 hours to prepare
We shouldn't stress, right?
We got nothin but time.
Then some faggot enters just tryina pick a fight


[GS]Fuckface, we'll leave it there for now
Steppin up on the scene just actin like a fuckin clown
"Your 4th member crashed? Good luck with that
Pay2win just rubbed my good ol' nutsack
Sorry to disappoint, but just disappear
Pay2win gets the point now get out of here"
Our 4th member joins and this where it's crazy
Pay2win just starts actin like a baby

The GS says they're right, we would be too late
I'm assuming pay2win bought this man a date
Ugly mother fucker, looks like a freak show
Autistic looking kid doesn't know where to go
But it doesn't stop here
It gets a little more queer
[GS]FuckFace literally disappeared

Who do you think you are to judge me?
Supersonic winner and clan mark to be
No clans are here, they never stand a chance
We dominated supersonic where's your next test
We'll ace it there too, won't even prepare
Give you other players a couple games to watch and stare
Stare looking silly, just wasting time
"Someone's gotta hack this just isn't right"
A couple ++ players here but enough about this
There's a couple more problems in this diss

Take it back a couple years, my man got a ban
He sent a ticket in just tryina understand
"Oh this isn't right, it shouldn't be perm
But it says don't interfere and I gave them my word"
What is this? It's a fucking outrage
You pay them to patrol and they do it their way
They don't see the rules and half the time ignore
Yet all you do is add to your fucking virtual store
Now hackers are here, ITC that's right
Aeria is in for a war they can't fight

ITC here, aimbot over there
Who is legit? That's not even clear
Purity, infinity who the hell is next
All these fake poser clans just tryina be the best
They claim they have skill
Invite you to a fight
200+ hp, this is gonna be the night
I'm sure Elite OS knows just what I mean
They throw their fucking stuns like fat kids did wiis
Moving on from that, clan war is a mess
We all know it so won't add disrespect

Now the next problem, there's too many to count
This one I promise you will make you scream and shout
What are these chances? I buy AP a bunch
But my chances on getting shit makes me lose my lunch
But they keep buying, they all want to see
"Maybe this AP will make me lucky"
But it never happens, and they don't understand
People buy more putting money in their hand

Invest it somewhere else, ITC's practically free
If you put it in comparison to what that money could be
$60 over here I can have perms for days
While on the other hand aeria could laugh in my face
It makes some sense now, I'm sure you can see
Why the queen of AP Diana turned the other cheek
That's right I said it, the proof is all here
Diana bought ITC and now she has no fear
Who the hell is next? Pay2win is comin?
19 enchants vs ITC is nothin

Yea ITC, ITC we all get it
We see it every room making it hard to forget it
But what do you do when the problem grows
Every room hacks and we already know
But where's the change at? They can't update it?
I see the problem growin; players throwing fits
But don't worry guys, your savior's finally here
Go in to the shop and buy your new gear
Surely that's the answer, the players all know
Spend some money on the game, watch the protection grow

Can't you see that never happens? We've done this all before
We even have bullshit players acting like a whore
But what? Who would do that
Pretend to be in love just to get that bank stack
"All eyes on me I love you too baby
Give me some AP; I can be your miss daisy"
Some are legit, some not even that
Mei's faker than Zayn's crash storm bat
But who am I to judge? I'm just another player
Member of supremacy and supersonic slayer

Moving on now, what's next on this list
Let's talk about how -- bergays a little bitch
He says he's got a clan, won his clan mark
With a ratio like 0-10 I'm left with no remark
Surely he's skilled or a god amongst men
I just suggest aeria doesn't look into his pen
The whole clan bots, busted and made public
While Berkay just says "I knew nothing of it!"

This game is pathetic and the players are weak.
I guess a few years ago we were at our peak
It is now dropping, all we know is hacks
Somebody come over and help us come back
These admins can't do it and our security's a joke
All of our accounts were switched and people lost their hope
And what happened after that? It's another sale!
After a security breach you come and make it hail

No compensation, not even free pen
Oh no, not this bullshit again
They promise compensation and we all believe
A little while later; aeria is relieved
They never compensate, and your Info is out
If they can access your s4 who's protecting your bank account?
This company is trash
Where's the help at
We're given false hope then told forget that

Movin on a little bit let's bring up the community
Particularly our pretty girl to-be
She faked her DP and talked highly everyday
Boy was her face red when we caught her anyway
That's right Moni, we're talkin about you
S4 outcast so you found something new
S4db, you think that's your home
But even there these players know where you went wrong
Now that I think about it, you're faker than Mei
She sucks some dick just to find a pay day
While you, you know what I mean
You walk around beggin for love and a ring

Who would marry you? Your life is a joke
You're ugly, you're fat, and also you're broke
You get on the db, s4 tinder I'd say
Try to be a boss bitch almost every day
The people there laugh, they see through your lie
These tinder kids got one skill we can't deny
Yea they're fuckin desperate, that shits clear
But they see a fake whore when she interferes

Everybody says we have a toxic community
Somebody please, give me some immunity
The players are cancer, the staff is a joke
Hackers taking over but here's a bit of hope
You come out with a contest to make it right
Rap about s4, no need to fight!
They do this to hide the game they created
Hackers, cheaters, staff that gets frustrated
So here's my creation for your little sad event
Ban me if you want but you still can't prevent
My bars will be heard, everyone will know
All you can say is jolly good show

Unfortunately, that's all for now
Supremacy enjoyed yet another blow out
We dominate in game
These events are the same
Guess you could say
We're all time hall of fame
If you have a problem, let's make something clear
Supersonic tourney hasn't happened this year.
Settle it there, play to earn your fight
We will end your s4 career in one night

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