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Super Dee Tha Kid & Jovan Muzik – Unleashed Freestyle lyrics


1st Verse

Yeah! Uh!

Jovan Yeah I'm Back Again
Chilling In The Lac Counting Money With My Friends
We Aint Make It Yet so I'm Just Seeing How It Feel
I Got Girl She Having Problems See Dr. Phil
I'm Just Tryna Soak It In I'm New In The Game
Why All These niggas Hating On Me? They Feeling Ashamed
I didn't Make It Yet So I don't Have Time To Complain
I'm A New Cat it's Time To Make Room In The Game
I See My Fans They Feeling My Pain
Hoping When It I Make It Everything Will Be The Same
I can't Let Em Down I Promise I Will Never Change
For All The People that's Sticking With Me Before the Fame
And When I Make It I Swear I'll Never Forget Your Name
Moms Called Me Up asking Me How Was My Day
I Said Pretty Good I Could've Had A Better Day
But I'm Just Taking Off Yeah something Like A Airplane
Yeah Girls Always Screaming My Name
I'm 16 Grown Women Running My Way
I Never Looked Back And Had The Chance To Say Hey
I Guess I'm Moving Fast Kinda Like A Jet Plane
Damn. I Sent My Music In But No Reply
I'm tryna Get Signed I Guess it's Harder Than I Thought

Verse 2

(Super Dee Tha Kid)

On The Road To Fam Yeah it's A Long Walk
So I Just Sit And Skate On You Like Tony Hawk
My Mindset Free Something Like A Hippy
But As I'm Spitting No I'm Not Smoking Marijuana
Lyrical Assasain Yeah This Beat A Goner
My Team Killing Your Team Hotel Rwanda
My Flow Cool But My Rhymes Hotter Than A Sauna
I'm Spaced Out But My Swag Higher Than A Comet
Mixtape So Sick It Make You Wanna Vomit
When I Blow Up Kill Yourself Suicide Bombing
How Can You Live In A City When it's Full Of Drama
And I Aint Talking Gangsta Grillz Super Dee A Problem
And Yes The Answer Staying Hidden Something Like Osama
It's All Gonna Come Back You Can Call It Karma
Hip-Hop Inaguration Success Locked In A Safe No Combination
I Done Dealt with a lot Of Hating
And Bad Girls Tryna Mess Up My Concentration
My Concentration Is Money Making And Education
And Whatever I Can Do To Try To Help The Nation
I Do Whatever I Can Do So I Can Get Better
A Fly Kid Setting Trends I'm A Jet Setter
I'm Real Crafty With His Rhymes And I Get Cheddar
The Kid Swagging With His Rhymes While Yall Get Deader
If I Wrote This Down It'll Be A Big Letter
Call Me Grim Reaper Super Beat Just Got Severed

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