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Suicide Silence – No Pity For A Coward lyrics

Dry your eyes
Hide your face with your hands
One last breath
Hold it in
Fuck your past
The future
Is in your hand
Just sit back and relax
Put your fucking shades on
Put that gun to your head
You're a fucking disgrace
Can your god save you now? (6x)
You coward (4x)
Drowning yourself
In your tears
No one has
Pity for you
Pity for you (3x)
Seconds from the end
What's it gonna be
Pull the trigger bitch

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    Nyob your almost right too. Hah this songs about the person that killed themself and also the reason how suicide silence got their name. He was one of the bands friends back in the day of corse and he taped a gun to his hand and wrapped a towel around it and shot himself in the head and that's the reason for this song and their name. And this is them expressing how much of a coward he was for killing himself.
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