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Sudden Death – Roadkill Lover lyrics

Look into my headlights, stand there frozen
Hit 'em and the impact of the car explodes 'em
Gizzards of lizzards decorate the road
While amphibians create Road Toad A La Mode
I can get drinks that aren't served in any bar
Whenever I get hungry I just hop in my car
And downshift, gun it, do you understand why?
I got a craving for a little bit of Pit Bull Pot Pie
With just a dash of armadillo sauce
Then I put it in reverse and go get the main course
A cute, fuzzy, furry, little Irish Setter
Under glass is fine, but under tire is better

Animals are my selection
Cooks 'em to a fine perfections

Customized car got spikes in the front
Their easier targets if you give 'em a blunt
But that's no challenge that makes liverwurst
They taste a lot better if you hunt them down first
Eat every part, nothing will make you sick
You can even eat every last flea and tick
It doesn't matter if the animal is still breathing
The pus and the mucus make very nice seasoning
You don't have to eat one critter at a time
Bits and pieces of all species can really taste fine
I reccomend a squirrels intestines and lung
Wrapped in the stomach of a dog with it's tongue

What a thrill
Automotive necromany
Highway's own delicacy

Dinner is easier to find than you think
And you'll always have animal's piss to drink
So you'll never go hungry, your lunch may move fast
But I guarantee you'll catch it if your car has any gas
If you kill something bigger than a deer where you are
You may have a little trouble getting it into your car
For that situation you're not out of luck
You can kill and eat a rhino if you get a tow truck
I don't break I speed up for animals
And all of you who think we're nothing but cannibals
You've all killed with your car at one time or another
So it doesn't take much to be a road kill lover

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