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Sudden Death – Praying To The Porcelain God lyrics

I'm here praying to the Porcelain God, oh my God I'm gonna puke
What's the use, now my body's made of juice
And it's all gonna fly out my mouth you know why
Because I drank too much, now I think I'm gonna die
I'm on my hands and knees, now I'm praying
Well, actually I'm vomiting, but listen to me saying
That I'm sick and I'm sorry, could you ever forgive
I won't touch another drop if you just let me live
Help my soul great toilet bowl
I've lost my stomach as well as control
Just let me survive as I strive not to crush
So I can wipe away my troubles with one quick flush
My body is sore, I can't take anymore
My insides have spilled all over the floor
Please help me to be like I used to be
Great Porcelain God I beg of thee

Please no more (no more)
Let me make it through the night all right (all right)
My stomach has reached a new height
Please great Porcelain God no more (no more no more)
(Kneel, Vomit, Flush)

This'll be my last if you change the past
I got a gas overload I think I'm gonna explode
Nobody's perfect some of us are just sicker
And you can't blame me if I can't hold my liquor
It was an honest mistake, I overdid the intake
Now my stomach is rumblin' like a California earthquake
The act is done, I gotta face the truth
I've become a living version of the Fountain Of Youth
This is a time that's appropriate for death
I've succeeded in making one hell of a mess
In the stall, on the wall, there's nothing left to do
Face down on the floor I pray to you


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