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Sudden Death – Pick It lyrics

(parody of "Wicked" by Ice Cube)

1, 2, 3, 4 fingers and I pick it
Put my whole hand up my nose when I pick it
Out, wave it about
Then I just pass it around like a hand out
Pickin' runny snots, bloody clots
Then throw 'em on the ground and connect the dots
Need 'em 'cause I eat 'em
Take me to a starving country and feed 'em
'Cause I just pick pick pick
And then I start to lick lick lick
It's like an art form
If you wanna learn I'll teach it
Got one up my nose but I'm never gonna reach it
'Cause it just floats all around like a boat
And it just fell down the back of my throat
Chokin' on a snot just gaggin'
It feels like it's as big as a dragon, a station wagon
So put on a plate and pass me the salt
And I'll ingest it like a chocolate malt
Like it, dig it, yup
I keep on diggin' my finger and lickin', 'cause...

I love to pick it
My finger goes diggin' up my nose
Then I flick it
A flick of the wrist and hey there it goes
Or I like it
I like to stick my tongue up my nose
Me never gettin' hungry 'cause me always have those

Yes I'm a nose hair wrecker
Got me a plan to set the new world record
Do you know what I mean?
Got a huge pile that's lumpy and green
Sticky thumb, sticky finger, sticky clothes
Never seen with a runny nose
Save in the back for a snack
Take a step back, this one's as big as a cow
'Nam, use it just like napalm
Trick ya, then stick a little booger
In your piece of pizza, then watch you eat it
Dig it out till it's closed out
Yup, people always get sick 'cause they're grossed out
Don't care if you're sick
I'll just dig with a shovel and a pick
Sleep, snore, dream
You know what I'll do I'll dig up your nose too
Sometimes other people's boogers taste better
When I pick it, lick it, so I'll just pick it

People wanna know what for
I got a snot and my mouth is beginning to water
No there just ain't no stoppin'
Order out for pizza and use it as a topping
Nothing quite like it when it melts on the cheese
Mom can I have some more, please, please?
The crusty ones are hard to bite
A horse has snots but they don't taste right
You really gotta try this I know you're gonna love this
But if you've never done this
Here's some cooking tips
Ground 'em all up and put 'em in a mix
Then boil a pot full of water
If you haven't tried it you oughtta
Then add some salt, just a dash
Put it in a dish and begin to, uh, mash
Serve it on a plate, it tastes great
And it works as bait
I'm the pickin' chef
And the restaurant critics dig it
So I'll just pick it

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