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Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky – One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy lyrics

Paralyzed by infection
The wounds are deep
As deep as the ending
Desensitized enough to be withered
Submit, holding your morals inside of your hands
Crushing all the remnants derived from their plan
Decompose, redeem your soul
Pull your gun, so let it be done
Blow your fucking pedestal off
Limb from limb
Rend them limb from limb
Torn asunder
Buried under skies
The time to die
Time has been revised
Born dead, entrapped he stands
Born dead, entrapped he stands
Slowly he wanders, wallowing in sorrows
Slowly they wander, wallowing in sorrows
Limb from limb
Torn asunder, as you're buried under skies
It's their time to die...

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