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Subscribe – Feedback lyrics

Life is beginning with birth
And it burns, and it hurts
And it makes you belive that
You're forever to live in this
Place! Through the days, through
The ways, and you try to get on
But in vain, and you can't run
Away from the pain in your brain
Than comes the skirts, da girls!
You fell in love first
Worst lesson that human could learns
Because you will be mystificated,

Fuck off ya selfish!
--Ohh, a secter yours--
You only think about your self,
Pigheaded ass!
Drawn up da paint, the picture is
A mass! You should regret!
--... With the feelings in your mind--

Not need your love
Pain is my muse!
But I've never felt you
Closer than I feel now
I'm the name of game you play
You've let me down!

-Be my babe!
That time I thought that
You're the right for me
-Be my slave!
I tried to pretend that
You're the right for me
-Be my ape!
I've always thought that
You would die for me
I'm a fake because I've given
Up everything I ever stand for,
Fight for but I can't handle anymore!

You've got a little mission
Fuck off is the position
'Cause I wanna be a single
Without bein' in a net!

Ref: fuck off ya selfish!...
Put your feet back (x2)
If the force of yours slows
Down yo poor, rest in peace
And don't you fight for more (x2)

Drawn up the paint, drawn up the paint
Up! Drawn up the paint, drawn up the paint!

When you will turn your back
I will point my gun into your
Without me, your nothing
But with me, your the queen
Of everything!
I play god and shut you in
Your head! (x2)

Ref: fuck off ya selfish!...
Be my self, and I'm never gonna be
A whore!(x4)
You cannot stop da progress!(x4)
Put your feet back (x4)
Put your feet back (x4)

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