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Stuart Davis – Little White Town lyrics

At the baseball park on Pigment street
Me and all my friends would meet
Some were fat and some were thin
But all of them had creamy skin

And I never saw an Asian, I never met a black
You really never notice when you're living in a vacuum
My what a coincidence that every kid
That's moved in since we did is just like me
How can that be?

In my little white town, I never had a black friend
Everybody was an Anglo-Saxon
But we all learned that diversity is grace
And out of all those vanilla faces
I never saw a single one acting racist

I got an education unsurpassed
In my private school for the upper middle class
I learned like each good Christian does
How evil segregation was

But there was absence of variety in no uncertain terms
In my cordoned off society with zero meloderms
On Martin Luther King day, school was off and we would play
By our identical homes in teams of monochrome


I used to pray at bedtime, "Hey could you rig it?"
Bring me a little black friend so I can prove I'm no bigot

But my rich neighbors will tell you
Mixed blood lowers property value
They fear someday perhaps they'll
Pierce this suburban capsule

There weren't racial slurs or a Ku Klux Klan
Cause we defend the right of every man
To prosper and improve as long as they don't move
To my little white town where I never had a black friend

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