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Street Cartel – I'm A Gangsta lyrics

Niggas thought I could spit til I fuck they head up
Put coke on they strip then ifucked they bread up
And now my team is riding in all 6's
Niggas in the front, in the back, all bitches
Niggas talk shit, get snatched for ya'll rich's
18 across ya grill, all stiches
You dudes talk cause you thinking it's sweet
Well how the fuck you gonne think wit your brain in the street
I'm banging the heat
Anything you claiming is weak
And if you get your team dog then I'm banging ya peeps
It's nothing
I deal more than delt cane in these streets
I shut down stips and I maintained them for weeks
Look, I bang the fifth til it look like a plane crash
I'm tryna see cash like Hov and Dame Dash
I spit slugs that'll stay in ya face
Don't't sleep, I'll run up on you why you saying ya grace
Akh you know I keep steel on the waist
Cops still on the chase
I'm hot so you know I'm killing the place
Look it's crazy when banging the 4
You gone see so many shells on block you gone think it the shore, muthafucka
HOOK- 2x
Cause I'm a gangsta nigga
When niggas wanna ride on
You see my gun nigga we not homies
You probably'll run and call the cops on me
But I don't give a fuck, know why?
After I get my nut then I booting a scag
Niggas try kill me so I take a poop wit a mag
Listen, never hesitate when shooting a fag
My gun'll have you holding your heart like you saluting the flag
Ever since I got a gun, I knew I was bad
Selling the same shit that was polluting my dad to get the loot in the bag
They rooting for Bad
Took it to the pen and the pad
I'm getting them mad
I smoke a lot so to hang with me you need a gas mask
I roll a lot get my weed in trash bags
Come on akh coming on my block tryna flash cash
That'll get your shit swiped like a transpass
A grown man go play some where
Niggas think it's sweet cause I ain't got no facial hair
Time to make shit clear I'm the best in the city
The only hot Bad News, the rest of shitty
HOOK- 2x
Cause I'm a gangsta nigga
When niggas wanna ride on
You see my gun nigga we not homies
You probably'll run and call the cops on me
But I don't give a fuck, know why?
Niggas lose limbs I condone arm robbery
Upside they head is where the Crystal bottle be
Cause they plan on fucking with the gift
That's some bullshit
They must be fucking around wit that sniff
Shit I'm starting to feel sorry for yo ass
Try recycling my nigga stop putting out trash
Cause ya'll might push weight still ya whole fucking squad is weak
I gotta look down at ya peak
You niggas is sweet I'll never go pop like elastic
Real hip hop is underground like a casket
Tragic shit can happen when you act up
Squad deep in the streets wanna act tough
But when you ride solo it's routine
Like a dope fiends vein you get your bitch ass smacked up
Cause niggas getting out of hand like a fumble
Bitch niggas mumble, real niggas stay humble

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