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Stitchie – Fast And Pray lyrics

Sure time to fast and pray
Get used to it! (oh)
You know (woah)
Get used to it!
Get used to it!

Mi fully saved under the blood inna di churchhall
Can't forget about mi friends in di dancehall
Joy and love mi have, and great peace of mind
And a this mi want mi dancehall friends dem to find

Fast and pray, fast and pray
'Till Christ all a mi friends dem find
Stitchie a go fast and pray, fast and pray
Until di devil get thee behind - me
Fast and pray, fast and pray
'Till Christ all a mi friends dem find
Stitchie a go fast and pray, fast and pray
Until di devil get thee behind

Awesome, powerful, and great mighty father
Save, protect and bless Bounty Killer
'Cause you bless him with the voice of a warrior
And mi want plea the blood against Lucifer
Faithful, righteous, holy one
In the name of Jesus Christ mi call Capleton
Because you bless him as a talented young man
An mi want him burn the fire 'pon Satan

Grace and mercy, grant it oh Jesus
Save and prosper, bless Mr. Lexus
Help him to study daily your holy book
And no take another look in a cookbook
Remember Moses Davis, yes Beenie Man
Inna his mouth, Lord God, put a new song
Talented excellent entertainer
Help him to accept Jesus Christ as him saviour


Father your just you give mercy to everyone
Grant some more to brother Desmond, Ninja Man
Let him return in your divine time
Use the Rod of Correction to get him back in line
Precious Jesus, bless mi friend Professor Nuts
Save him, Lord, help him to be serious
Help him to study Exodus and Leviticus
And over Satan head run the mini-bus
I pray for Baby Cham, bless him with a miracle
Mi friend Buju and mi friend Tony Rebel
Mi know the enemy can be wicked and terrible
So save Spraga, Shaba, Cobra from the devil


Jesus, remember Bling Dawg, Elephant Man,
Shocking Vibes Crew by your Spirit
Change them lives and make them brand new
Alozade, Captain Barky, Wickerman and Sizzla too
Save them, change tehm, then use them to serve you
Touch Shaggy with your blood and set him free
When you bless him make him bawl out, "It is me!"
In need of prayer now mi gone down on mi knees
Give Sean Paul di light, make him get busy!

(Right now!)
As I pray to you, Jesus Christ
Mr. Vegas, mi brother, transform him life
I declare inna sin he will not die
In your kingdom help him hold him head high
General Trees, Brigadier Jerry, Chaplain, Yellow Man
Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue from Stereo One
Father, remember Wolf Man was mi right hand
And fi their lives, Lord, let me know you have a new plan
Admiral Bailey, Tiger, Josie Wales and Super Cat
Dispatch your angels and protect them from all attack
Holy Spirit, lead them 'pon the right track
In the name of Jesus none of them a go turn back


The devil come to destroy, kill, and steal
Save Lady G, Saw, Chrissy D, and Cecile
Lady Mackrel and Patra, save them too
And them will testify good things about you

Let your Spirit shock the crew named "Monster"
Fill them, with power, and them be more than conquerors
Grant your mercy plenty to Merciless
And change him name from warhead to Godhead
I pray for Red Rat, Hawkeye, and Degree
Buccaneer, Danny English, and many more please


Fast and pray now

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