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Stick To Your Guns – It Starts With Me lyrics

[Verse 1]
Take a step back! How can this be?
So much begging and pleadin' with no one listenin'
Take a breath now & think of what this really means!
This is my understandin'!
That the life I lead does not belong to me!

It starts with me (oh-oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-oh)
It starts with me (oh-oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-oh)
It starts with me (oh-oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-oh)
It starts with me (oh-oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-oh)

In a world (where) we're doin' what's right
Has been pushed out of our minds
And forced underground
In the back alleys, in places of pity
What choice do we have?
Tell me! What choice do we have?
What choice do I have?!
What choice do I have?!
But to force my own hand!

Each human being, it doesn't matter if he's a
Politician, or a business man or a...
Just an ordinary person like me, in the street
[?] as a human being to realize the enormous
Suffering, misery, confusion there is in the world
And it's our responsibility to change all that

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    This song It Starts with me is about the suffering and pain that is in the world. There is suffering and pain and even things that are just not right going on in the world and people just don't realize or care about it. This song is about making a change in the world. Making it a better place. In the song he says what choice do I have but to force my own hand. By this he means he has no choice but to make a change. This song is basically about realizing there is terrible thing happening in our world and know one is bringing it to attention. No one is caring or even realizing. We can't just think its gonna go away if we don't do something. There for you must do something about it. It starts with you to make a change in the world. That is were the name it starts with me came from. You can't jst think change is gonna happen if no one does anything. Even if your just waiting for one person to make a change you can't do that it must start for yourself. You must be that person who starts making a change in the world!
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