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Steve Forbert – Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again lyrics

Capo on 3rd fret...

[F] walk down to [Dm] [G] [C] walk down to [Am] [Dm] [G] [C]

[C]In spite of you, you [F]like yourself
An' [G]that's alright with [C]me,
[C]It gets so lonesome [F]fillin' space
An' [G]someone must [C]believe.

[C]Erase them golden [F]memories
An' [G]blow the candle [C]out,
[C]Let's get on off [F]away somewhere
An' [G]see what we're [C]about.

Chorus: (play intro)
Lay down your [F] weary [A min7] tune [G] again
And [C] rest your [C/B] head on [A min] me,
Your [Dm]phone call says you're sorry
An' the [G]grapevine says you're [C]free.

[C]Your drugstore dady's [F]flesh an' blood
Like [G]marilyn mon[C]roe,
[C]An' out there on the [F]runway now
The [G]king's all set to [C]go.

[C]They'll cover up the [F]window soon
'Cause [G]he'll be rollin' [C]in,
He's [C]Elvis Presley, [F]honey chile,
An' [G]I can't cop his [C]grin.


[C]The missionary [F]paid my way
An' [G]put me off to [C]sleep,
[C]I woke up early [F]yesterday
An' [G]found a place to [C]eat.

[C]I got it down an' [F]felt relieved
An' [G]Jane went off to [C]work,
[C]It's wooden soldier's [F]Christmas time
An' [G]Jane she is a [C]clerk.


[C]In spite of you, you [F]like yourself
An' [G]I admire you [C]much.
[C]I'm out to get us [F]back in sync,
'Cause we've been [G]so out of [C]touch.

[C]Just meet me next to [F]Noah's ark
An' [G]let's get out of [C]town,
[C]There's got to be [F]someplace somewhere
These [G]rain clouds haven't [C]found.



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