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Stereolab – "...Sudden Stars" lyrics

Sweet smelling
hugs and smiles
sweet kisses
towards me
velvet skin
treasured dreams
silk and gold
nuit d'amour
naked soul

After such distance
Come to me, precious being, come to me
After such ennui
Come to me, delicious, enfold me
After such a long drought
Here a place for flowers to flourish

But if you must,
And if you must,
If you must go, go--

The wind will take you
It will lift you
Across the ocean

Into the sky
Towards the sun
It will take you, high--

So if you must,
And if you must,
If you must go, go--

Sweet smelling wind
L'amour de ma vie
When you're ready
Mon bel amour
Simply come to me.

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    Yes, I do believe that I know the meaning of this song. I am a poet & songwriter, myself so this is my interpretation:.
    The whole album is for the death of Mary Hansen, hence the name Margarine Eclipse (Marge is a nickname for Mary and Margarine is the color of her hair, like Tangerine).
    Sudden stars is what happened when she got hit and killed, while riding her bike.
    The song is about the existentialism of life, posed as a dream and meeting Mary in the dream. As she fades away. Sudden Stars (one moment you are alive, the next.), a song in the album about the death of Mary Hansen - Margarine Eclipse.
    Breck Tran - Facebook.
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