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Steel Panther – If You Really, Really Love Me lyrics

If you really really really really love me
Then you really really really gotta show me
Don't whine when I put it in your booty
Or if I'm up all night playing Call of Duty
Never hassle me because I'm unemployed
If I sleep all day don't get annoyed
Then I'll know that you really really really really really really really love me
If you really really love me

If you really truly want to make me feel nice
Make it so I don't ever have to ask twice
Let me have the keys to your Mercedes
Don't get mad when I bring home some ladies
If I get fat and look like an ape
Lie to me, tell me I'm in great shape
Then I'll know that you really really really
Really really really love me

If you wonder what I did with the rent
Just consider it money well spent
I bought trunks and a new surfboard
So just go tell your dumb landlord
That you love me
You really really love me

If I have s** with your friend Melanie
Don't act like it's some kind of felony
It's not uncommon for this kind of infidelity
It happens to a lot of guys like Tiger Woods and me
Just be happy that I'm hung like a horse
And you get to ride the pony of course
'Cause I'm really really really really really really
Really really fond of you too

When you think it's really suckie girl
All your friends will say 'you lucky girl'
You got a man who's hot you say
All the girls wanna be with me
'Cause they love me
They really really love me
Yes they do

If you really really really really love me
You'd never make me hang out with your family
Your mom sucks and your dad really hates me
When I try to borrow money he berates me
Somehow he thinks that I'm too old for you
'Cause you're 19 and I'm 52
He can't see that you really really really really really really love me
You really really really really really really really really love me
If you really really love me

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    This song is truly exquisite! A man's patience tested only by his one true love! The struggles between the man and his woman are truly evident. The man doesn't feel like the woman cares and the woman simply has a hard time expressing her love for him and looking past the minor hiccups that occur in every relationship. The man only has one simple request: the woman needs to share her undying love with him more often and in a way women can only know best.
    It's truly beautiful. When listening to this piece of art I always forget it is but a story and hope deep down the woman can break through her insecurities and show her love to a man who never wants to let her go.
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    It's obvious that the song is about a middle-aged man who is trying to manipulate a young girl into doing whatever he wants her to do by whining that she would do those things if she "really, really, really, really" loves him. It's an old trick that men have used to have their way with women and girls who lack the self-esteem to know that they deserve love and respect and that a man who loves them would not try to take advantage of them and manipulate them into doing things they don't want to do. But of course the singer does say that he's just really, really, really, really "fond" of her.
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