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Start Trouble – Diggin' Holes lyrics

Not much to do around this town till I met you
It used to be the days would pass so quickly
Now time stands still
Every week we'd chill and watch mtv
Packing bowl after bowl
No self control
Then we'd feel each other up and one thing would lead to another
I made so many mistakes that my body aches
This life aint easy
Keep diggin' holes let the drama unfold
Keep thinkin' you gon' leave me like that
Baby I fought back believe me its not like you need me
Keep diggin' holes let the drama unfold
Keep thinkin' you gon' leave me
Can't blame each other for this mess
You can't blame the pill now time stands still
And every moment that was ours is now the pounding of our hearts
And I can't breathe I'm Claustrophobic now
I saw you out in regency and you didn't notice me
And I remember the sky when we were both so high
And nothing else mattered
I remember your sign the same as mine electric flow scorpios
If I could take it back right now I wish that I had never met you
I don't believe in love but something there was real

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