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Stars N' Mars – Hypnotize lyrics

Lets go high blue sky
I'm sippin on sky blue
It's onto the next one
I'm spreadin like swin flu

But it's hard not to see ya
Cuz you shakin like Shakira
My smilin Mona Lisa
And I really really need ya

When I look into your eyes
You got me hypnotized
I don't know what to do
You got me fallin in love

Girl you got me goin
Ooooh ooh oh ohh
All I need is
You oo ooo ooo

Can I can I
Save you from you
I don't know
I can't move

Baby this is new to me, I feel it internally
Lets get it started so I can have you phsyiclly

You got me so confused
These thoughts I have for you
I need to know if you want me too

Girl you got me goin oooh ooho
All I need is you youuu

I can't explain
How I feel for you tonight
Nothing can take you away
Make this not right

I told you girl
That I'd take - your - heart
Told you from the start baby from the start

Lets get lost tonight I can ta ke yo away
Me and you (pause) I don't care what they say

No w as for you
I think your the one
The closet I've come


Girl you got me hypnotized
Got me so mesmerized
I really want you tonight
And you know I'm feelin right

Girl you got me goin oooh ooho
All I need is you youuu

Got me goin insane
Mind speedin down the fast lane
I'm high like a jet plane
Comin down summer rain

You show up to the party
Lookin like a super model
All I want is you girl
Be my genie in a bottle

Just take a look my way
And we can make it right
You know that you want me
Gimme the green light

And you're tipsy on the dance floor
Got your number blackberry tour
Damn I'm clutch like Kobe, score
Stars n mars you want more
Stars n mars you want more.

Chorus x2

The way you look tonight
I don't know what to do
You got me fallin for you

Tipsy on the dance floor
Red lines all over
What should I do
Can't fall for someone like you

But someone like me
Is what you need
Sweep you off your feet
Girl gimme just one night

One night couldn't be so wrong
All inhibitions gone
Boy you got me hypnotized

In your eyes
Boy you got me hypnotized

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