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Stars – My Radio lyrics

Its hard to remember days
Mornings lost in a cronic haze.
Breathe is fast and teh trains are slow, I barley feel it though
All day long i fantisize, in the dark behind all the people's eyes.
And then they disappear, words get lost in the atmostphere.

The truth I tell, I tell the truth, 16 on a summer roof,
You just want facts? Well I'll give you proof
Hot silence can..backrubs and dressed too thin.
A winter without words, I touched it , it felt good.

All I want, Is my radio,
All I want, Is my radio,

He speaks in a voice I know,
A sounds like sand when the tide is low
We kissed to the voice each night,
Bathed in bare reactor light.

I cry when the morning comes,
Count my blessings and my phones
Say 'Thanks God, for whatever comes.'
And quickly cross my fingers
All i want is a room somewhere, far away from the chemo air
But when i got my radio, i play my melody that lingers.

All I want is my radio,
Station Ninty-nine point O
Tell the DJ, DJ - keep it slow
Like to fade volume low.

Its hard to remmeber days, Mornings lost in a chronic haze,
Breath is fast and the trains are slow, barley even feel it though
All day long i fantize, behind all the people's eyes
Then they slowly disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere.

The truth i'll tell I'll tell the truth
Sixteen on a summer roof, you ask for the facts, well i'll give you truth
Here's the truth

All I want is my radio,
Tell me DJ, DJ keep it slow
All i want is my radio,
Like to fade volume low
All I want is my radio ( repeated fade out......)

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