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Starkweather – Into The Wire lyrics

(are. Resmini)
Unmistakable, the scent, the chill in the air Feel Autumn creep into
Place Those uncharted thoroughfares and shallows deep Speak in
Intricacies Pale illumination secret emotions For ransom behind a
Paper mask Inside a heart shaped stone Uninhibited reins unfurled I
Couldn't resist the urge to hesitate when I heard you cry bastard, you
Have no shame Don't you know tears won't wash away real or imagined
Crimes Design's flawed structure tests failure seems a perfect fit
Relinquish those ties that bind Bare devotion in no uncertain terms
Together we'll share our misery Foster this beautiful child versed in
The fury Spare me the pain of love Each day I reach a new low I took
The low road to zero I know you're just like me You bear the mark, the
Stain I know you're just like me Together we'll share our misery
Foster this beautiful child versed in the fury You're just what I need
Take my hand Press it to the burner Love tastes bittersweet Screams
For revenge There will come a time, someday soon, you, too, will be
Alone You felt the wind at your back so you ran You took what you
Wanted You took as you need Thought you could disappear leave without
A trace Lose yourself as you wade deep into the city So run silent,
Run deep With closed eyes I focus on the lull of lush static white
Noise off the highway Imagine the tide crash the shore I'll lay here,
Watch it fall and I won't make a sound I'll lay here, watch it fall and
I won't make a sound Stirred by the pitter-patter of sleet bouncing off
The sill Nudge my head further into the pillow Not content with the
Dreaming A sprawling shade of gray Pick myself up tip-toe across icy
Tile Nimble as a firewalker Quick glance at the clock I'm going no
Where at all Idly passing the time Filling in the gaps has become
Routine Devote endless effort to a single thought can afford the
Attention because it doesn't cost a thing Under a facade of normalcy A
Wolf in the guise of sheep I'll draw you out into the wire When I bait
The trap with rose petals I'll draw you out into the wire When I bait
The trap Cascades of red purl over gnashing maws Love tastes
Bittersweet, it screams for revenge Felt nary a tinge of misgiving at
What I've done Excuses are paper thin Fit to bur Hold you to nothing
I'll honor your lies

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