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Squealer – Thoughts lyrics

Time, time is runnung fast
Thoughts are in the past
You will never leave me be

All hope that I would live
Was lost by emptyness
Although I've never lived before

Pain, pain in my brain
Feeling so insane
There's something strange in me

Close, close your eyes and dream
Sleep until you scream
Dreams are my reality

[1. Bridge:]
This is no dream
You wonder - why you go?
You break my soul
Comin' alive
Is this the ancient day?

[2. Bridge:]
You break me up
Is this a dream you think
You can control
Or is it just a fantasy?
Stay alone

Run, run if you can
To - satisfied
Leave me be
Be if you want
To - satisfied - leave me be

I'm thinking of you
Telling me the true
It was such a lovely time

Walls, grey and dreary
Laughing grimace
Seems like wanna talk to me

Coldness - coldness
Darness - darkness
Will controlling me

There's nothing left to say
It's the last judgement
You are gonna waste away

[1. Bridge]
[2. Bridge]

Run, run if you can
To - satisfied
Leave me be
Be if you want
To - satisfied
Leave me be
Cry, cry if you want
You can't escape
Leave me be

God shall wipe all tears
From their eyes and
Their shall be no more
Death neither sorrow
Nor crying
Be any more pain are passed away

[2. Bridge]

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