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S.p.o.c.k – Space Is The Place lyrics

I've been flying in space all of my life
Seen many places and beautiful planets
I wouldn't change this at all
People are asking: Why don't you settle down?
But I feel that I have to go on
There must be more out there
Space is the place for me to be
You know... hr hrm, sorry
You know I've been flying in space for all of my life
OK it's been quite tough some times,
But I, I've also seen many many places,
Amazing worlds and beautiful planets
So I wouldn't change this for... anything else
And hm... And well s... sometimes people are asking me:
"Why don't you settle down somewhere,
Relax and just take it easy?"
But, I feel that I have to go on. Just I have to, because
There must be more out there, more to see,
More to experience, and It's like hm... it's like hm...
Yeah, space is really the place.
Yeah, sure is!
Yeah, I'll drink to that!
Ja, sa gick jag fram till han, sa sa jag:
Ja, ge mig ett dricksglas med tequila,
O han trodde inte jag var klok.
[This is Swedish and means:
"Well, I walked up to him and I said:
Well, give me a drinking glass of tequila,
And he thought I'd gone mad."]
Pfft! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
[a two minute pause, then:]
Space is the place for me to be

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