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Spice 1 – Touch Me-feel Me-smell Me lyrics

[Chorus: sung]
Touch me, feel me, smell me
Don by any means necessary
You can't fuck with a legendary
East Bay Gangster

When it's all said and done a player's pushed power and paper
We all ball, playin russian roulette with thug's nature
Rush and pull capers, savage like _Amistad_
I know you seein what these demons is doin but I ain't scared
Got me grindin, havin hustler's dreams, killin for cream
It seems when you're close to your goal that's when they scheme
Ever since Pac and Biggie died the game done watered down
With generic-ass niggas who ain't gon' even stick around
For 2 minutes, fuck 5 minutes of fame, I'm 10 years
With longevity, nigga, deep as fuck in this game
How could you speak upon a legendary
East Bay Gangster Spice 1, don by any means necessary
Spice 1, don by any means necessary, nigga
Dn by any means necessary
Is you feelin me?
Like titties and ass
Is you feelin me?
Like clockin some cash

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
We ain't bullshittin, dump a nigga up in a ditch and
Get to cookin chickens in the kitchen, it's non-fiction
Realism, with multiplied bodies like catechism
You fuckin with the fetti just equals to murderism
Hurt em, hit em, aim to split em down the middle, did him, got him
Kicked the nigga dead in his ass before I shot him

Rapper's complex, you niggas think I think I'm the shit
But I was goin dub for dub just like you in '86
I pop my collar cause me to you is like a pit to a chihuahua
Nigga, Taco Bell is that-a-way, bitch nigga, put your gat away
The big dog, fuck Scooby Doo, scrappin for scratch
Pass the dubee, fool, what's crackin, nigga, don't baby-sit that
You can't fuck with the legendary
East Bay Gangster, Spice 1, don by any means necessary
Spice 1, don by any means necessary
Nigga, by any means necessary

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
And all you niggas talkin that shit in them streets can suck my dick
You can quote me on that, I'm a real rider, bitch
Your opinion is like a asshole, I stick my Uzi in it
Fuck you cockroaches talkin bunch of shit, I'm born sinnin
Been in it from the beginnin, Spice 1 the O. G.
Coast to coast, worldwide muthafuckas know me
I'm the one who set the foundation
For them niggas that sp-spit the g-gangsta shit real fast all the way
Across the nation
That shit you talkin 'bout I was born when I played it
Cause magazines be so East Coast orientated
Politics in the game, they forced this shit down our throat
We wanna hear niggas from where we from on the radio

[Chorus until end]

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