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Spice 1 – Strap On The Side lyrics

Rolling with my motherfucking strap on the side of me
Don't fuck with the east bay g

.. Repeat three more times

Buck 'em down with the clip and the trigga
Screaming like eiht yelling come on niggaz
Nappy head muthafuckas in a coupe deville
Lightin shit up like fire marshal bill
You see I hops on the flo like my nigga dominoe
And get a big fat sack of yay-ay
A key or a half a muthafuckin thang
Pistol whip a nigga with an ak-ay
Peep this lodi dodi I shot up his body
Left his ass bloody in the front of the party
Yi-a-yig-a-young nigga rollin up out the cut
Do a driveby with the feds on my nuts
Niggas be gettin gatted when they step to this g-zy
I pulls my motherfucking uzi
And spill his brain (spill his brain)
Spill his brain (spill his brain)
I spill his brain in his muthafuckin lap
I pulls a jack (pulls a jack)
Pulls a jack (pulls a jack)
And shoot the heart out his muthafuckin back
I come with 187 not with that ho shit
So nigga spark up the bomb so we can blow shit

... Repeat intro 2 times

Comin up on they ass like tales of the cryptic
Uz thang swallow that ass like lipton nigga
And now they try to wonder and figure
How the fuck charles manson turned his self to a nigga
Put a blast on they ass with the holes in the barrel
Bullets fly in they chest like a muthafuckin sparrow
Cause we get like steven king bodies swing from my ceiling
Open up the chest when it's time for the cap peeling
9-4 hit the do' with a fat gat
Comin like this break em down like that
The nigga with the facts and the fat crack sack
Po pos on my back blow they ass off the map
With the 187 mad man killa
Spill a nigga guts for the fuck

... Repeat intro 4 times

It goes one for the trouble but you don't wanna floss
Unless you wanna flex with my bitch nigga waltz
Ga-a-gat that ass with the double deuce derringer
From the bay area the pall bearer
6 niggas carry ya momma in hysteria
Welcome to your mutherfuckin coffin and I stare at cha
Cause you're a dead muthafucka black
And you never should have fucked with the 187 fac
So nick nack patty whack give a g a gat
And put some bullets in that ass crack
Yeah break em down with the mac
And like john madden 93 boom he's on his back
Spice 1 is a muthafuckin trooper
So say what up to the east bay freddy kruger
Blow the head off a muthafuckin cow
When my gat goes off like a m-1000
Take the hood off your hooptie when I bust a cap
Rollin with my muthafuckin strap on the side

... Repeat intro 8 times

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