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Sparkle – Somebody Else lyrics

I been hearin' 'bout you, talking 'bout you, thinking 'bout you
Reminiscing about all those things we used to do
I'm still lovin', are you worrying on your feinin' for you
Makin' every move I can to get back close to you

I regrert that day I told you I don't need you 'round
If I had one wish, I'd make the clock rewind
You were so good to me
But you probably can convince somebody else

1 - bet you've been spendin' your time with
(somebody else, somebody else, somebody else)
Probably been givin' good love to
(somebody else, somebody else, somebody else)
Oh, I can't take you bein' with
(somebody else, somebody else, somebody else)
Oh no, no
(spending all of your time)
Spend time
(with somebody else)

My girls told me that they saw you last week at the mall
Pullin' out in your poor bently drop top, ready to ball
You pulled over for a moment just to say hello
And that trick that you was with said that you had to go

Didn't ask how I was doin' didn't mention my name
But I know deep down inside that you feel the same
What was runnin' through my mind
Boy you're spending time with somebody else

Repeat 1

Hangin' all day, picnic in the park
Oak street shoppin', fancy restaurants
Givin' back rubs, takin' long flights
Check in hotels, sexin' all night
Hot bubble baths, sippin' champagne
What he's doin' for another, I'm the one to blame

You were so good to me
Now you're doin' things with somebody else

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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